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Forced Out of Heaven
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Monday, November 23rd, 2009
10:14 pm
Monday, July 27th, 2009
4:55 pm
Today, I talked with a computer...

Cleverbot: Are you real?

User: I hope so, you?

Cleverbot: Would you like to play a game?

User: Yes!

Cleverbot: How about Global Thermonunlear War?

User: I don't know the rules, but I could learn.

Cleverbot: A program made you?

User: I don't believe so, but can not prove that.

Cleverbot: Again with the abstract, meaningless answer.

User: Sorry.

Cleverbot: You don't have to apologize, being clever is a good thing.

That least it thinks I'm clever...
Saturday, July 25th, 2009
11:05 pm
I guess its alittle old, but its new too me and funny as hell.
Monday, June 15th, 2009
8:15 pm
Phone go poof
Sorry to all who are trying to reach me... My phone has drained the battery so far it refuses to even let me look at my numbers. I will try calling via the land line once it powers up.
Friday, March 27th, 2009
2:14 pm
So full of win

Yes, its a real book... and on the back it says : "transforms a masterpiece of world literature into something you'd actually want to read." Thank you Mr Seth Grahame-Smith, you made me smile.

Monday, March 9th, 2009
9:53 am

I guess this is one way to express your disappointment in watchmen... Don't know if I agree, but its darn funny.

Friday, February 20th, 2009
5:51 pm
Mid Cut blast back

Must keep writting, need topic
4:06 pm
Forced Essay 3#

   When I was young, I struggled with alot of things. School was hard, I was bit of a outcast in social circle, and I wasn't really talented in hockey. But I had one really great outlet, spending time with my father doing model aircraft. It was a tough thing to learn, alot of stuff that just isn't all that natural to preceive. But with the support and trainning of my dear old dad, it was something I came to love.

    Unlike what you may think, you could just buy a plane and go flying. It all starts as bunch of peices of ballsa wood pinned to some plywood with alot of superglue. So about once a week, after dinner and when my homework was done, I would be allowed to stay up and work on a plane with my father in the garage. Not only did this instill a respect for the investment of the aircraft, but allow me to learn what each part was and its purpose. So before I ever took to the sky, I had a better understanding of the aircraft then most novice.

   Once it was felt I could handle taking control, I start taking control mid flight on a buddy system. A remote control setup with a master and slave that, should I get in trouble, with the flick of a switch my father could take control. It wasn't long before I started taking control earlier and earlier in the flight, untill the buddy system wasn't need anymore. I could taxi, signal, takeoff, fly and land without assistants. It was something I was very proud of, and made a nice escape from life.

   The most fun I with my hobby came when I least expected it. A friend of my father who went by the name of Skip would ever so often take us out in his private plane. Since our family rarely took air travel for vacation, most of my expierance with planes was in Skips aircraft. Normaly required to sit in the back of the plane since both front seats had controls, I was delighted when my father one day asked me to sit up front. Even more surprise came when ten minutes or so into the flight, with my father egging me on, skipp let me fly the plane. I can still remenber the rush, how the smallest input moved the plane. Demanding smooth clean control and constant attention, it was harder than I thought, but still a great monent in my life.

   Though I no longer fly model aircraft, I still can't help but smile when I think back on it all. From the lessons learned and long nights. To getting my wings and sharpening my skills. And a the ramdom joyrides in the sky.  It was time well spent with my father, and I can only ment as much to him as it did to me. 

Trying to do story like essay, not sure if I pulled it off...    S.O.S.
2:46 pm
Self forced essay #2

    I have always hated cats. Dispite the human love affair with this fury four legged, I just cant stand to be around cats. I just don't understand why people get so made when I tell them this. I have seen on large of cats to be messy, dumb, dirty animals that don't deserve this blind loyalty. Allow me to explain:

   Cats are messy. Sure some of them bury their poo, which is clean right? Wrong, they throw litter every where to dig a 3 inch hole, take a dump in it. Then the only put a thin layer of litter back over it, or walk out of the box and let gravity doing the work. At poo has evoloved to stink, the reason for the hole is to protect it from the weather! Don't think you cat stinks, wrong. Its litter may not stink, but its poo does. And if you have a cat that sparys, its stink, no counter arguement allowed.

    Felines also aren't very smart, dispite what every owner will tell you. Like putting a triangle block through a triangle hole: If you screw with the sovling peice long enough,  it will fit and complete the puzzel. The one tool the cat has is claws, it uses them to sovle EVER puzzel. Determination is not intelligence. Cats live their lifes largely on scent, hence the tendancy to attack anything that moves suddently. Since the couldn't detect its presents the movement is either a meal or an enemy, both of which the cat will attack.  Mankind progressed because tools, something a cat will never understand.

    Now many people would be suprised to know, cats are in fact filthly animals. Over a 2/3 of the worlds population has a form of cat allergy, which really makes a good arguement for outlawing them anyway. However, not one person is allergenic to feline dander. What is it that humans are allergenic to in cats? A  bacteria that thrives on a certain protean in cat siliva, which the dirty little cats gets EVERYWHERE. They cover their coat in it, they often sneeze it everywhere, and anything the cat tastes: is now a allergenic bio-hazard.

    I could go on and on about my personal guff with cats. But I think if more people understood why I dislike them, they'd not be so harsh to judge my opinion. As cats generally make a stinky mess, which they really don't clean up as people would like us too think. They show a lack of intelligence, which is also often over stated. And lastly they are dirty animals that spread harmful bacteria, all the while pretending to high standerds of grooming.  Leaving me to a question: why do you hate me, for hating your cat? 

Unspell-checked and stamped out as fast as I could. LOOSEY BASED ON FACT, but yes... I hate cats.
2:39 pm
Oh Fuck...
     I never ment to be uprepared for this essay, I somehow managed to overlook this part of the study guide. However I still believe I can write an eeasy to the standerds persented to me in high school. The idea of setting up the right paragraphs, in the right order in order to present an Idea. This was generally broken down into 3 major parts.

     The first part is the thesis paragragh. At this point I introduce the reader to the idea and topic of the paper. Then the thesis should lead the reader to understand how the writer intends to present the idea or story. Often times the writer will state what one or more of the discussing paragraphs is going to entail. Which helps bridge from the introduction to the meat and potatos of the subject.

     Next the writter should produce a few paragraphs on the subject matter. It is important to stay close to the topic, as often to much explamation can lead away form the subject matter. Engaging the reader can be diffcult as well, too little information can cuase the essay to feel emepty or vague. Installing counter points helps the reader feel they are getting an eduacted opinion on the topic and helps add to the length of your essay. Try not to recycle facts, as a good essay will not feel as though you are reading the same paragragh over and over again.

     Lastly the essay should contain a conclusion. The idea to this paragragh is to make a strong closing arguements which remind the reader of the topic as a whole. Idealy, you should avoid lituarly listing your points made in each of the middle paragraphs, rather reintroduce them each in there own sentence. One should also take heed not to bring counter points or anything that dismisses the writer point of veiw on the subject in the final paragragh. The essay should then end a strong fianl sentence that unfirms the relavence of the essay to the topic. 

     So as a whole writting an essay is mostly time consuming as long as you remenber to maintain structure. Strating with astrong thesis, that build up the topic. A strong middle set of paragraghs that info, without lossing the point. And then ending well with a good closing arguement in your conclusion. Which is why I believe, I still know how to write an essay. 

Done without spell checking as fast as possiable. Not sure how I missed an essay would be on my test, but it is. So its crash course time... how many essays can I write, that are readable, and on topic untill 11pm tonight.    Ideas anyone?
Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
11:58 pm
Its a godawful small affair... But yet it seems to have underlined waves of circumstance in my life. Change can be a brave thing, but I had little fear for myself in this passage, only a gut wrenching sorrow that I was somehow damaging those I care about. Still, I have made this choice and the clocks of time aren't going to turn back just so I can be more comforting to my loved ones. Buy the ticket, take the ride:

Photobucket Photobucket
2:33 pm
Dead hair walking
Well, Its time to man up and remove my overly long hair. Since I have recently discovered "locks of love" has fail to meet 19 of the 20 standerds provided by the better business bureau to be a nonprofit organization, and allegedly sold donated hair for over $300,000.00 in profit... I'm not sure what to do with it. Betsy has salvage rights if I can't find a good opition in the way of donation or sale, but she seemed creeped out by that prospect.

Photobucket Photobucket

But it sounds like I do the chop at around 9:30ish... Should be intresting.
Monday, January 19th, 2009
6:32 pm
Frist real big lead
So this weekend I got to see my friend Alex, a buddy in highschool whose interest in random nuggets of knowledge and wisdom run parallel to mine. It was his birthday and he was accordingly celebrating. After a festive dinner we went to another friends house in sunnyvale to hang out and shoot the breeze.

During our talks we came on to the topic of jobs. Alex being a first year park ranger was talking of the ups and down of the job and his general feelings on his duties to law enforcement. During the talks he suggested to me I look at a career in CHP, as they need people and my loving of driving and automobiles seemed match.

The more I toss this theory around, the more I like it. Its a job in public service, which is nice. It does involve cars in almost ever aspect of the job. Laws are typically written and then interpreted into little nuggets of information, which I can handle. Its a career job that pays you during training, and opens alot of doors even if it doesn't turn out to be my line of work. State issued firearm and the license to purchase a tazer, in addition to the ability to carry either concealed while off duty.

I'm going to contact a recruiter tomorrow and see if don't scare them away. If not, see if they think its a career for me.
Thursday, January 15th, 2009
3:24 pm
Well, nothing promising on the job front yet. I've been encouraged by neighbors in law enforcement to seek a career with the Department of Correction. But that is a maze of placement exams and misguided menus that I haven't managesd to stomach yet.

On a plus note, Russel has invite to the hockey game tonight. He got a box to treat some clients too, and offered me the spare seat. I will need to make an effort to remain civil while screaming for my team, should be interesting. On the note of hockey, my roller Team: Team Zissou finaly got a win this season. Puts us at 1 & 7, not a great season but we got bumped up against alot harder teams this time. Even our arch rivals "The Hosers" (who we got the win against) have only managed a single win. But that's how sports go...

Stumbled across this on my netflix:

I'll give it a go, it looks at the worst very stylish.
Thursday, January 8th, 2009
10:58 am
Well status thus far, could always work at one of these...

Real options:

-Part-time Gig at BBQ galore, work with friends and teammates, random schedule.

- EA Quality Assurance: that right, video game testing. Its a temp gig with a 6 month expiration date. But its interesting work, and would pay alright. Would at least give me time to setup more advanced plans.

-San Jose Emergency Clean up: They said they weren't hiring but the fact that I was even interested enough too call them was promising, recommend taking the 8 week training course. This would actauly be a career move and it something I am fairly sure I could handle: I've never had a problem with fuilds, gloops, and slimes, its particles like metal shave or saw dust that drives me bonkers. The only thing that really stopped me from trying to become a paramedic was the concept of dealing with kids being messed up or dieing on me, just something that tugs at my heart. This wouldn't involve the people, just the biological mess they left behind.
Monday, January 5th, 2009
10:24 am
Not off to a good start
4 days into 2009:

-I lost my job, owner fucked up with money management since his partner passed away this summer. Now heads are rolling and I was the only one on time today so ironicly got let go first.

- My computer is pretty fucked. I guessed spyware, but now I am leaning virus since it has started installing gayporn icons onto my desktop...

I'm not sure if I need a stiff drink or a hug... but I ain't feeling too great about any of this.

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, January 1st, 2009
2:15 pm
Finnish metal...
Don't know what they are saying, don't care... Video is laughable, but its a groovy song.

Completed Dead Space... Tempted to try "Impossiable" mode just to see how bad it is. The finally boss was a bit of a joke, once I figured out the 5th level suit was my end-game armor I bought the "contact beam": most weapons do around 10-16 damage in the game, were that thing does 175. Pretty much the classic "Plan-B, I Win Button" gun, honestly the zero-g fight in hydropontics (Shoggoth in tumble dryer) was harder.
Monday, November 24th, 2008
7:00 pm
Need me a Vault Suit

I go to Cons enough these days and have enough of an interest in props to really want to make one of these. And I want to go for HIGH detail, get as real as I can with it. Most likely the go for the "armored vault suit" from the lastest in the seris with a diffrent Vault #

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
7:43 pm
OMG, I just got fan serviced
Yes, I am a nerd... I've always known that. But FallOut 3 has truely put me in my place: Having me near squealing with joy over the appearance of "Harold the ghoul" and his good friend "Bob" (a stick that was growing out of Harolds head). Harold was the foreman of the Powerplant in GECKO Nevada, and was one of the more entertaining NPCs of fallout 2. Wonder how he got too D.C. ?

Looks like Bob has grown into a healthly Tree, and poor harold is now stuck inside him.
Friday, September 19th, 2008
3:25 pm
hooray for international talk like a pirate day! Yaarrr!

My pirate name is:

Black Morty Flint

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
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